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Remal’s IT platform ensures a fully transparent, trackable and simple process that allows our partners to request a pickup, follow up on their order and check the live updates on their statements of accounts. View our IT platform’s tutorial video.

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Pickup and Delivery Services
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Providing Room for Growth

We understand that the majority of our partners are small and medium enterprises, sometimes based from home. We provide storage solutions to provide our partners room for growth. The storage solutions are accompanied with periodic reports that give our partners full visibility on the location, quantity and status of their products

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Storage Services
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A Greater Reach

We provide a platform for home businesses and small and medium enterprises to display their products. The business owners can decide to display their products on our website and be part of our “one stop shop”.

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Sale Services
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Smarter Decisions

Decision makers across all businesses and industries require data to take the right measures. At Remal, we give businesses the flexibility to set their key business drivers, their key performance indicators, assign the guidelines that need to be tracked and provide a topline summary for the findings

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Data Survey Services
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Why Remal?

Remal is not only a pickup and delivery company. We aim to provide a full solution for our partners, irrespective of their volume, size and model. We want our partners to only worry about what matters to their business, we will take care of everything else.


Staying Focused on the logistic needs of customers in a fast-paced world. Ensuring optimum service reliability and flexibility with in-depth data gathering services, to drive sales growth and enable young and mature business to succeed.


To provide a best in class, flexible and transparent service across the gulf. Our operating model is scalable and easily replicable and aims to allow our business and individual clients to focus only on what matters to them while we take care of everything else.

Our Services

Our services revolve around the needs of our partners, irrespective of their size and operating model.

Business to Business pickup and delivery services

Our temperature controlled vehicles ensure best in class delivery services for food and non-food businesses. Our IT platform allows full visibility, order and KPI tracking.

Business to customer pickup and delivery services:

Our user-friendly app allows our individual clients to set pickup and delivery locations, timeframes, urgency levels and additional instructions.

Business to Business storage services

We offer our partners room for growth. As their business transitions to new stages, we minimize our partners’ risk by providing storage solutions at affordable prices.

Business to Business high tonnage and cross border delivery services

We direct our partners towards suitable, outsourced cross border service providers to allow them to expand their business across the region.

Business to Business sales services

Our partners have the access to sell their products on our website. We also support our clients with marketing through sending leaflets displaying their products along with our daily orders.

Business to Business data survey services

Business owners and topline managers have the flexibility to ask us for data important for their decision making process. Our Data runners have a data collection app and our admins ensure that the findings are summarized in easily readable dashboards and scorecards

Business to business shipping services

We provide our clients with opportunities to grow by providing solutions for regional and global shipping

Business to business e-commerce solutions

We provide web development, digital marketing and social media management solutions to small and medium enterprises

Our Services

Our services revolve around the needs of our partners, irrespective of their size and operating model. The businesses we support include a range of well established businesses such as Van Cleef and Arpels and Ferns and Petals, along with small and medium enterprises that are part of Mohammed Bin Rashid Fund for SMEs and Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development.


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